13 November 2011

latest order..


28 June 2011

Assalamualaikum...hi..back again!!!!

almost 2 months x update dis blog...MC...cuti sakit..hehe..
 ni upload choc yg previous order...

ni sebahagian souviner tuk mjls doa slmt..(50pcs praline)

                                                 order by dina: for engagement gift

                                      ats ni tuk engagement gak..order by kwn aimy...

                                      special gift to my nephew n niece...

                                          ANYWAY tq for order....  

actually de satu lg order iaitu lolichoc sebyk 150++stick...but  x smpt snap pic  tuh...theme garden 
                                                              order by :  aien


16 April 2011

assorted choc as a gift...

 special gift

khas tuk cik frenz
7 praline & 1 pop choc

24 March 2011

choc praline...assorted

12 of assorted choc-strawberry,apple&rectangular

wif filling almond and buble rice
special gift to mirul..congratz on his spm result...inti buble rice

filling buble rice & almond

plain choc & almond filling

choc ni leh order ikt quantity, pattern,filling,color n  as well as deco for box


ni antara lollichoc yg dihasilkn....
 lollichoc ni temanyer garden...many more pattern...
nk tau price kena click kt ats tu..d best RM$$$ 
if buy ala carte: RM1.20
RM1.00 min 30pcs
if order more hrga leh less lg...'

choc 4 besday...

besday khai(nephew)

order dr nur farhana dr selekoh,perak
6pcs oreo wif wording

from farhana jugak 4 her mother's besday....tq yer..
15pcs love oreo

4 insyirah(my niece)
3oreo choc & plain choc

4 my kazen's besday..shamimi
9pcs wif wording
almond & kismis filling
4 ashani...dina...plain choc..

22 March 2011

choc tuk engagement

order from ayu (kwn adik)
35 pcs choc plain (love n flower shape) wif wording
tq for ordered..

order from my frenz dina 4 her neighbour
9pcs choc oreo
2 love oreo n wording

choc love box

                                            order frm aimy tuk besday temannyer yusri
                                                                choc love box wif 3 choc praline(plain) n wording

16 March 2011

choc oreo type...

choc oreo edible image

oreo plain,wording, ur choice....